Department Of Pharmacy

In this laboratory the following practical works and experiments is carried out.

Inorganic Pharmacy

Qualitative analysis of inorganic ions and radicals:

Na+,K+, Ca+ Al+3, Mg+2, Fe+2, Mn+, Ag+, Cu+ Cu+2, Cl-, Br-, I- and, CO3-, SO4-2, NO3-, PO4-3 etc

Identification of inorganic ions from pharmaceutical formulations:

Ca+2, Fe+2, Al+3, Mg+2, K+ and Na+ ions from supplied preparations.

Conversion of different water insoluble or sparingly soluble drugs into water soluble form:

a. Na/K-salicylate from salicylic acid.      

b. Na/K-benzoate from benzoic acid.

c. Na/K-citrate from citric acid.

Preparation of inorganic drugs:

a. Preparation of aluminium hydroxide gel.

b. Preparation of magnesium hydroxide.

c. Preparation of haematinics: ferrous sulfate, ferrous gluconate and ferrous fumerate.


Physical Pharmacy

Preparation of solutions of different pH values.

Preparation of buffers.

Standardization of acids & bases.

Determination of pKa and pKb values.

Determination of phase diagram of binary systems.

Calorimetric determination of heat of solution of different salts.

Determination of titration curves of acids & bases.

Determination of molecular weight of substances by Victor Meyer’s method.

Determination of distribution coefficients of oxalic acid between ether and water.

Determination of viscosity of liquid:

a. Pure liquids such as glycerin, alcohol etc.

b. Liquid pharmaceutical preparations-syrup, emulsion, suspension, etc.

Study of variation of viscosity of liquids with temperature using Ostwald or Engler’s viscometer.

Determination of velocity constants of the hydrolysis of methyl/ethyl acetate catalysed by HCl/NaOH.

Determination of adsorption isotherm of oxalic (or acetic) acid from aqueous solution by charcoal and calculation of the constant in Freundlich’s equation.

Determination of the equilibrium constant of the reaction KI+I2=KI3

Determination of solubility of sparingly soluble salts in water by conductance measurement.

Determination of velocity constant for the hydrolysis of an ester in the basic medium by conductance measurement.

Determination of the molecular weights of organic solids.



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