Department Of Pharmacy

In this laboratory the following practical works and experiments is carried out.


Microscopical study of blood cells: R.B.C, W.B.C and platelets.

Estimation of haemoglobin.

Total count of R.B.C.

Total count of W.B.C.

Differential count of W.B.C.

Determination of clotting and bleeding times.

Examination of clot under the microscope.

Effect of chemical agents on R.B.C.

Fragility test of R.B.C.

Determination of erythrocyte sedimentation rate (E.S.R).

Recording of normal heart beat in toad.

Demonstration of the effects of temperature on toad heart.

Demonstration of the effects of stannous ligatures on toad heart.

Demonstration of the effects of drugs on toad heart.

Demonstration of the effects of electrolytes (Na+, K+, Ca++) on toad heart.

Recording of respiration with stethograph.

Measurement of blood pressure with sphygmomanometer. Effects of physical exercise on B.P. and heart rate.

Biochemical testes on saliva: Effect of ptyalin on starch.

Collection of gastric juice, tests for gastric acidity.


Study of drugs acting on CNS:

  1. CNS stimulant drugs (strychnine, ephedrine, amphetamine).
  2. CNS depressant drugs (barbiturates induced sleeping time).

Effect of pilocarpine on salivary secretion of rat.

Effect of digitalis, adrenaline, nor-adrenaline, isoprenaline on toad’s heart.

Effect of local anaesthetics on rat’s tail.

Study of mydriatic and myotic effects on rabbit’s eye (e.g. pilocarpine, atropine, physostigmine, etc).

Handling of experimental animals: mice and rat.  

Estimation of Cholesterol in Human Blood by chemical method.

Estimation of blood glucose by enzymatic and chemical method.

Estimation of blood paracetamol level after oral administration by UV/Visible spectrophotometric methods.

Estimation of paracetamol in blood by colorimetric method.

Estimation of cholesterol in human blood by enzymatic and chemical method.

Study of antipyretic effect of aspirin on rabbit model.

Study of anti-inflammatory effect of drugs on rat model.

Estimation of Aspirin in Human blood.



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